Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

An orange bowl of fluffy garlic mashed potatoes and a pool of melted butter in the middle.

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Mashed potatoes will forever be an American comfort food. And there's nothing better than creamy mashed potatoes that are infused with roasted garlic. These are so flavorful you don't even need to pour on the gravy. Although that's never a bad idea.


  • 5 pounds Red Potatoes
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Salt for water
  • 1 stick of Salted Butter
  • Roasted Garlic Cloves, squeezed from 2 Bulbs
  • Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup Half and Half
  • Melted Butter, added to the top of the potatoes, optional


  • Rinse, scrub and cut the red potatoes (skins on) to 1 to 1 1/2-inch cubes.
  • Place the potatoes in a large Dutch oven. Fill the pot with cold water to cover the potatoes and add salt.
  • Bring the potatoes to a soft boil over medium-high heat then turn the burner down to low.
  • Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and tender.
  • Remove the pot from the burner and drain the potatoes in a wire mesh strainer.
  • Place the potatoes back in the hot Dutch oven and return the potatoes to the stove. Stir over low heat for a few minutes to remove all the moisture from the potatoes.
  • Add the butter, roasted garlic cloves, salt, and pepper.
  • Heat the half and half in the microwave or over the stove. Pour in 1/4 of the heated half and half. Beat with a hand mixer. Add more half and half if needed. Beat until the potatoes are creamy. Do not over-mix or they will become gummy.
  • Transfer to a serving bowl. Make a well in the middle of the potatoes and pour in melted butter, optional.
  • ENJOY!


  • Depending on how much garlic flavor you want in your mashed potatoes, use one or two bulbs for a 5-pound bag of red potatoes. When roasting, leave the outside paper on the bulb and cut off the top third to expose the garlic cloves.
  • One-half pound of potatoes per person is a good indicator when you're trying to figure out how many pounds you'll need for a meal.
  • When you're cutting potatoes for boiling, cut them in similar sized cubes, 1 to  1/2-inch. In this way, they will cook evenly.
  • Add enough water to cover the potatoes in the pot and be sure and start with cold water. If you add the potatoes to boiling water, the outside of the potato will over-cook and the inside will under-cook.
  • Make sure and use plenty of salt (a good tablespoon) in your water. Otherwise, the finished product will be quite bland.
  • Be careful not to boil your potatoes. Potatoes will fall apart when there is a full boil happening in the pan.
  • It's best to remove as much water as possible from your cooked potatoes. Drain the potatoes in a large wire mesh strainer and add them back in the same heated pan.
  • Put the pan of cooked potatoes back on the stove over low heat and stir for a few minutes. This will help further remove any moisture left in in the potatoes.
  • Don't add the half and half directly from the fridge. Warm it either in the microwave or on the stop before you pour it into the potatoes.
  • Make sure to not over mash the potatoes. Otherwise, the potatoes will become gummy and sticky.


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