Transform your table into an experience – inspire and cultivate relationships with food

I believe most of us are longing for meaningful relationships beyond what our society is currently cultivating. Thanks to the digital age, people are now more “connected” than ever before. However, we find ourselves more “disconnected” on the soul level.

This blog seeks to satisfy not just a physical hunger, but the internal hunger that exists in us all to live life fully, beyond superficiality. It’s born from the conviction that food isn’t just about eating, but about inspiring and cultivating relationships. Let’s encourage each other to slow down and delve into each other’s lives, while we gather around the one thing we all love – good food.

Each week, I’ll be posting a few recipes along with a heartfelt blog post, that will hopefully inspire you to create your own get-together around food and relationships. I hope as you LINGER on my blog, you find encouragement to slow down, love life, and enjoy friendships and family with fresh vigor.



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